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There are a number of reasons you may be seeking counselling. You could be having difficulties in your relationships, suffering from depression or struggling to overcome an addiction. The space I provide is safe, caring, confidential and non-judgemental. We can build a unique therapeutic relationship that will help you to gain insight and understanding so that you can improve your self-esteem, communicate more effectively, build safer boundaries and heal from your pain.

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Professional Therapist Specialising In EMDR and Counselling


I am a Senior Accredited Counsellor/Psychotherapist and registered with the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy and the National Counselling Society. I abide by the Ethical Framework for the Counselling Professions and the Code of Ethical Practice respectively.

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How Does Counselling Work?

I am an integrative counsellor which means I use a range of methods from different approaches so that I tailor therapy to your individual needs.  I work holistically to heal your mind, body and soul.  I can help you with a wide range of life difficulties. Together we can explore the issues that are troubling you whether these stem from your past, the present or your fears and anxieties about your future. I will provide you with a safe, non-judgemental and confidential space that will help us develop a unique therapeutic relationship that brings insight, understanding and acceptance and will help heal your pain.  If you’re feeling overwhelmed at the thought of coming to counselling or just unsure please contact me and we can have a chat about what to expect and how counselling works.






Depression Counselling

Depression is an illness caused by changes in our brain chemistry and can feel disabling.  Depression can range from feeling low (mild depression), to feeling that life is no longer worth living (clinical depression).  Depression can leave you feeling hopeless, worthless and exhausted. It affects sleep, appetite and physical health. Depression is treatable and treatment will be dependent on your specific situation.


Bereavement Counselling

Feeling sad after a loved one has died is completely normal and a period of mourning is encouraged. However, if you are finding it difficult to move on with your life then you may benefit from help. Counselling will provide the space you need to talk about your loss and help you to manage the grief you are suffering.  


PTSD and Traumatic Events

If you have suffered from a traumatic event or you currently have PTSD, it is important you get the help and support you need. Research shows that counselling, and especially EMDR therapy is highly effective in treating past events and lessening the impact that these have on your life.


Self Esteem Issues

Low self-esteem can have a negative impact on your relationships, your work and your general well-being. Counselling will facilitate you to explore your feelings, gain insight and find ways to manage these limiting thoughts so that you can finally feel comfortable and happy with yourself.

EMDR Therapist in Welling

Substance Abuse, Addiction and Destructive Patterns of Behavior

Addiction can take form in many different ways such as food, gambling, sex, drugs and alcohol.  Addictive and destructive patterns of behaviour are often linked to underlying issues and counselling can help you to identify the roots of these issues so that you can gain relief from thoughts and behaviours.  EMDR therapy is also effective in helping to overcome compulsive behaviours. 

Relationship Counselling and Marriage Breakdown

Every relationship has arguments and disagreements, but managing these in a constructive way is what can be difficult. Therapy provides a neutral space to share and explore difficulties and will provide you with the tools so that you can learn to communicate more effectively and cope with disagreements in a positive and productive manner.



Counselling and Therapy Session Information

I work in Yorkland Avenue, Welling, Kent DA16.

I am an authorised provider of therapeutic counselling services for major healthcare providers/insurance companies. Please contact me to discuss this.

How to Find Me

I am based approximately 0.8 miles from Welling Train Station and 1 mile from Falconwood Train Station.

The best bus routes are the B16 and 51.

Parking is available if you are travelling by car.



Sessions and Pricing

  • I have availability Monday to Friday daytime
  • £60.00 Per session for all services


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If you are seeking an EMDR therapist in Welling and South East London, and would like to book a session, please get in touch with me at Lynette Ashdown Therapies.